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I’m Ailís Nelís - 3D Artist/Creative/Art Director from Lithuainia currently living in London.
My current areas of interest include machine vision aesthetics, 3D/2D motion graphics, set design, photography, and procedural algorithmic art.
But generally speaking, the very domain of creativity is very fungible and dynamic, my areas of passion fluctuate with creative seasons and are, most of the time, reflective of what's going on 'outhere'.

Best at..
3D design, art direction, research, lighting and texturing, pithc treatment, concepting and ideating
Main tools..
blender/cycles/octane, c4d, ae, illiustrator, photoshop
Dabbling in..
houdini, touchdesigner, substance designer, comfyui, stablediffusion, tensorflow, js

2022 -  present
Freelance 3D Artist/Creative/Art Director
Creative/3D Intern at Design Bridge & Partners
D&AD Shift ’23 With Google (adidas, airbnb, diageo)
Hobs 3D Printing With Ravensbourne University (3D Printing, AR, VR)


Bio-mimicry, Sunday morning walk catch -  captured on iPhone, traced on illiustrator and further
developed on Blender + Octane.

Pitch for Gentle Monster (Art Direction, Texturing,  3D modeling, Ideating) - Blender/Octane/Cycles


Initially sketched some pieces that I wanted to cast in silver on the piece of paper,
then sculpted in zBrush and Blender - rendered in Cycles/Octane composinioted in ps.

Quick and quite hacky code voice-video script

Vellum excercise in Houdini

Skin for my terminal, very impractical but so beautiful...

New Years poster for a cafè/deli

All the other silly lucy goosey little things

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